DSM WORLD RECORD – First 2G AWD (Red Demon)

BoostinPerformance’s Red Demon! The nastiest 2G AWD DSM in the world just broke into the 7s! On October 28th Devin Schultz, the driver, took BoostinPerformance’s 1996 Eagle Talon for a 7.95 at 183.69mph quarter mile pass. It doesn’t look easy and the car puts down a 1.3 second 60′ and 5.2 second eighth mile. The video credit goes to Kristin Schultz and the BoostinPerformance Crew, as well as EOS Performance.

The Red Demon is powered by BoostinPerformance’s high compression 2.0L with a Precision 6766 Turbo through a ShepTrans Dog Box. For more info check out their website or give them a call. Good luck on getting some faster passes BoostinPerformance!

BoostinPerformance.com       (847) 781-1600


map proving grounds event - 2012


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