RWD with Winter Tires VS AWD with Summer Tires!

An AWD Subaru versus a RWD BMW in the snow and ice!!! This is sure to be a win for the Subaru. But as shown in this video no matter what kind of drive line you’re working with, tires make a huge difference! As you can see the Subaru gets left in the dust of the BMW all because of the BMW is equipped with snow tires. The symmetrical AWD of the Subaru and fancy technology just isn’t enough to even get close to keeping up withe BMW and those tires!

This is a perfect example because we all know BMWs are not known for being good performers in winter conditions and Subarus have the best reputation on the market! Well there you have it… make sure your vehicles are properly prepared this winter starting with your tires! But don’t forget to find an open parking lot covered in snow and have some fun!

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Video Duration: 3:03