Crazy Crash! Throttle Sticks + Fire!

Terrifying crash! Watch Mike Wacaser take on a worst scenario crash where his car is destroyed and his life is put in an extremely dangerous position. His car makes a quick left and strikes the South Georgia Motorsports Park wall. But it gets worse, the throttle gets hung open from impact and his high powered race car sends him flying across to the other side of the track and slams into the wall again. At this point the car takes fire. His car only makes it a few hundred more feet before stopping, and luckily, we see Mike run from the car! Mike, now known as ‘ShakenBake’ Wacaser, suffered severe burns and has made a full recovery since. He’s also back on the track in his 65′ Chevy II! Well we guess when you love racing as much as Mike does, nothing will stop you!


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