Valet Driver Pulls a Gun After He Gets Caught Joy Riding a McLaren?

This valet was clearly in the wrong and tried to blame it on someone looking at the car!

This is why I always park my own car. First of all who would trust a $200,000 car with someone that’s dressed like that? The driver had no uniform on what so ever and was confrontational the entire time those are all huge red flags. The owner starts getting mad at the driver and instead of admitting he was wrong for driving the car around he starts yelling back. That’s when things get scary and the “valet driver” reaches for a gun and starts showing it off saying someone was trying to steal his car. Even if someone was trying to take the vehicle he was parking it’s better just to let the person have it rather then start a gun fight over a car! The entire story is suspicious, and the owner did the right thing. Hopefully, he called the cops and let them figure it out!

Caught Trying To Steal An SRT Jeep!

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