V10 E30 M3 vs. Huracan LP580-2

No matter how hard he tried, the BMW just couldn’t close the gap!

The new Huracan is arguably the best bang for your buck in the saturated supercar market of toady. Whenever a new car comes out people with modded cars always say “well I can beat that in my (Insert car here)” that’s not the case anymore. These cars are insanely powerful and fast right out of the factory. This is no stock E30 M3 this one has an s85 engine in it. The S85 engine is a V10 that came out of an M5 and makes over 500HP! So the power levels are very similar, but the BMW couldn’t close the gap!

Twin Turbo Huracan Playing Music on The Dyno!

Screen Shot 2017-05-31 at 5.25.03 PM

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