The Ultimate Ricer and his Bullshit Brigade!


“I ran a 10.9” “A friend timed it for me” “It was FWD so I converted it to Twin Turbo” “I’m an AWD drifter, soooo” -Ricer


This guy will either make you mad, or make you laugh. We laughed a lot, but it’s pretty frustrating that their’s guys out there like this. He just digs him self deeper and deeper into a huge bullshit lie! It’s ridiculous that he has a team behind him that are so convinced by his lies, they actually support him. He tries to explain to the camera man, a real car enthusiast who’s only trolling, that he ran a 10.9. Although it was on an oval track, that has only an 1/8th mile straight, and that it was then factored out to a quarter mile. Wow that’s some complicated ricer math! What an idiot!


P.S. We started the video at 3 minutes, that’s where it gets really good! But if you want to hear another bundle of lies, start from the beginning!

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Video Duration: 8:03