The ULTIMATE Racecar Transporter! BoostedGT’s Bagged Trailer!


You have to have a badass trailer for such a beastly street car right!? This is one sweet street racing setup!

BoostedGT, a notoriously awesome and fast street racer, brought his car to Omaha, NE for 1320video’s Mini Cash Days event, as well as the Omaha Ice Cream Cruise! When he arrived 1320video was surprised to see such a cool trailer, so they did a feature of it! This trailer is perfect for any street racer, it just has a hefty price. Imagine you’re out street racing and you end up receiving short notice that the cops are almost to your spot! Instead of having to pull out ramps, open doors or listen to your car scrape as you rush it onto the trailer, you just lower your trailer to the ground with the press of a button. Then you easily pull it up onto the trailer, press the button to raise it back up, strap it down and you’re good to go! Let us know what you think of his trailer in the comments below!




Screen Shot 2015-01-15 at 12.04.39 PM

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