Twin Turbo Lamborghini With Over 2000HP Crashes Into Lake!

Today at the FL WannaGOFAST event, a twin turbo Lamborghini lost it and spun into a lake! SPLASH!!!



This one hurts. This badass twin turbo Lambo had a rough day. After a spin out the day before, the car went today for another run and things went a lot worse. Clearly the car makes too much power for the runway its on if it has already spun out, but it also didn’t help that it was missing body parts! Apparently after its previous runs the rear diffuser was damaged so they removed it from the car. Not having a diffuser probably did not help the Lambo when it started to lose control at close to 200mph. Sadly, instead of going left, the car ends up sliding to the right of the track and lands in the lake. There’s two videos below with two different angles! Try not to cringe as the water flys up in the air and the lambo slides to a stop in the mud. Luckly, the car doesn’t look horribly damaged and the water isn’t awfully deep. Hopfully they get her back on the track soon enough!






Video Duration: 0:29