Tesla P85D VS. Ferrari 458! Electric Takes on Gas!


Previously this YouTuber had released a video of his Tesla P85D whooping a Ferrari 550! Now it’s time to take on a Ferrari 458!

These P85D’s dual motors are really rising in popularity. Tesla’s performance all wheel drive setup with an all electric sedan is really making a name for its self, and it does it on the street! This P85D owner has been doing a lot of street racing lately! A Ferrari 550, Lamborghini Aventador, and now a Ferrari 458! Works for us, this P85D gets down. It’s interesting to see such different cars race. In this race, the P85D uses its mighty torque to get off the line as hard as it can and the rest you’ll just have to see! Especially in the rain, the 458 struggles to gain traction, while the Tesla is all business and putting down its power with ease. Nice race!



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