Supercharged 5.0 vs. Fully Built Camaro and CTSV!

That supercharged Mustang is no joke!

That CTSV has a lot done to it just to be door to door with a supercharged 5.0! The CTSV owner had a huge list of mods that cost him 10s of thousands, but the 5.0 owner had just a few simple mods. The 5.0 is also a 6-speed car, and the CTSV is auto, so it’s even more impressive. The new 5.0s are no joke, it’s a good thing Ford made them N/A or else everyone would be in trouble. The GM guys had to break out the big guns to take it down! They broke out a Camaro sporting an 88mm turbo and making 800HP!

Procharged CTSV Loses Both Taillights During Street Race!

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