Craziest Game Ever!? Who can get the first ticket!


Prepare yourself to see the most bizarre video you’ve ever seen of someone getting a ticket. These two guys, SuperSpeederRob and Matt Farah, take to the streets in an SLR AMG and a highly modified Corvette to see who can get a speeding ticket and make it back to their shop first! We’re all surprised… but when you have as much money as these guys I guess this is what you do!


The Rules: First you pick your car. The garage they were in was filled with Lambos, Porsches, Mercedes, Ferraris and more and each of them were allowed to pick any one of them. Matt took the SLR and Rob took a Corvette (a really loud one)! The next rule is you have to get a ticket but also make it back to the shop. First car back with a ticket wins! So the trick is not to try to hard and end up in jail!

As the game started you can’t believe what Rob does. He called the police on himself saying he was cut off by a blue corvette and described the one he was driving. Well that fails and he ended up coming across Matt who was already pulled over. So he did the stupidest thing possible! He dropped it down a gear and flew by the Cop and Matt! The cop yelled quickly to Matt in the AMG “it’s your lucky day” and tossed Matt’s license and registration back in the SLR then took off after the Corvette! These guys are nuts!


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Video Duration: 5:09