Stoplight Timers and Transparent Pillars! Jaguar’s Virtual Window!


A “follow me” ghost car? WHAT?! This may be the coolest windscreen ever built! So many things to keep your eyes on the road and make driving easier and safer!

This newly released Jaguar technology is badass! It uses a virtual windshield to offer you information about your surroundings, and well, make your life easier.  We will start with the pillars. The pillars turn transparent when a bicyclist, car and/or pedestrian enter your blind spots and also flags them with a red box! This makes it easy to spot potentially dangerous situations and prevent accidents. Next is their new navigation, the “follow me” ghost car! Instead of looking down at the navi screen or listening to turn by turn navigation, the heads up display places a ghost car on your windscreen. Whatever the ghost car does, you follow it and it’ll take your right to your destination! Lastly the windscreen comes with some goodies such as building information and stop light timers. You’ll never have to guess how long the stop light will take to turn green, and you’ll know where to find parking when you go to a new area!



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