Stock vs Stock – NEW C7 Z06 Corvette vs Gen V Viper SRT-10 TA!

One of the showdown comparisons the world has been waiting for!  Which is faster? Dodge’s bad boy vs Chevy’s bad boy street MONSTERS brought to you by our friends at

We love seeing these stock vs stock races to see just how these cars are going to perform in the straight line against each other.  We won’t lie, we know the driver of the Viper can shift like a BOSS, but you can tell during the pulls that it’s got the race in power alone.





Technical Specifications Rundown

2014 Viper TA

Engine – N/A 8.4L (512ci) V10
Power – 640 bhp
Torque – 600 lb-ft
Weight – 3323 lbs
Transmission – 6-Speed Tremec TR-6060
2014 Corvette Z06
Engine – Supercharged 6.2L

Power – 650 lbs
Torque – 650 lb-ft
Weight – 3558 lbs
Transmission – 7-Speed Manual w/Rev Match


Video Duration: 3:05