Son Surprises Mom with Her Dream Car! Son of the YEAR!


Tis’ the season for giving so we thought we would throw up a heart warming story of a son who made his mother’s dreams come true! Whoever this amazing son is, he’s from Ontario and has made one emotional video of him giving his mom a car she’s always wanted. Its hard not to get emotional but it really is such an awesome story! His mother, according to the video description, has always been financially challenged. Growing up he remembered how his mother showed him a picture of a copper colored, well “coloured” because he’s Canadian, 1973 SAAB 99 EMS. She told him it was the car of her dreams but because of her financial disadvantages she could never have one. Well her son pulled off the gift of a lifetime, saved up, and bought her one!

He tells her he’s filming a documentary and needs her help. Before the documentary begins (or so they tell her) he hands his mom an envelope saying some mail came for her. She opens it up and finds the picture of the SAAB and a pair of keys. He tells her to go outside and there she finds that car she’s always wanted! She’s speechless! Son of the year award goes to this kid! Well done! The video ends with a reminder to call your loved ones which we think is awesome 😉


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