UNSUSPECTING Mazda Miata Shocks Z06 Corvette!!!

At our stop in Nashville we hopped into a 600hp Heads/Cam Z06 after a random Miata asked to street race at a meet, not knowing much about the car other than the intercooler we noticed we went out to see what the car had… The results were crazy! This thing was SCREAMING down the highway surprising everyone who witnessed the race. Returning back to the meet we all found out exactly why this car was so damn FAST!

The 5.3L LSx under the hood boosted by a rear mount 78mm Turbo puts down mid 600whp on LOW BOOST, the car was turned up as much as it could be without completely blowing off the non-radial 225 (narrow) STREET TIRES (around 700whp) equipped with a 4L80 transmission, once this street beast spools you better hold on!!!

Can’t wait to see this car again in the future.

One of the coolest parts about this build, outside of it being a V8 in a Miata with a rear mount GIANT turbo, is how the build was pieced together, from the build pictures below you can see how the intake piping from the turbo was integrated into the frame-rails.

Sub frame connectors


boost pipe

pipe test fit


cradle and engine mounts

boost pipe_fuel line routing










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