Sergey Ignatko’s 1500+ hp Porsche 911 Turbo


Check this out! Sergey Ignatko’s beast! The most powerful Porsche 997 in the world! This car is nuts, making 1,512BHP on a Superflow dyno, his car puts down some serious power. For a car that already looks so good and makes so much power, this 997 would be the perfect street/race car for anyone. Just listen to the way she spools then hits boost like a bat out of hell.

A common racer at the Unlim 500+ in Moscow, he has set some records in the past. In 2013, with his 997 making around 1130whp, he set an Unlim 500+ ET record on pump fuel at 22.4 seconds. With the car at its current power level we expect to see some impressive times, and hopefully some new records.We can’t wait to see more of Sergey’s Porsche in the future.








Video Duration: 4:59