Rowdy Diesel Mustang! “CUMSTANG Jr”


Finally! A mustang without an LS! This Cummins diesel swapped Mustang rolls coal!

It looks like the new trend is to put diesel motors in Mustangs, we’ve seen a few recently. This four cylinder cummins is good for about 400tq and 170hp. The motor is out of a delivery truck and has no problem getting the mustang to go pretty quick! For comparison purposes, the cumstang races against a stock V8 mustang. The diesel’s torque gets the cumstang off the line hard and the stock V8 mustang can’t seem to catch back up! You can tell the driver of the cumstang really enjoys his car as well! He’s always either doing a burnout, rolling some coal, or drifting into the parking lot and it makes the car looks like a blast to drive! What are your thoughts on the “CUMSTANG Jr?”




Screen Shot 2015-01-23 at 12.11.09 PM

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