Robbing Cars To Test Racial Profiling: White Girl vs. Black Male!


This “What Would You Do” video is an interesting way to prove our societies existence of racial profiling!

The setup is to leave a car, filled with valuables, parked next to an outdoor dining patio where many people are hanging out and observing the street. The car they use in the video is strategically parked and then the driver gets out and asks a simple question to ensure the people dining are aware of who owns the car! Then, with hidden cameras watching, they send actors of different races up to the car to act like they’re stealing the valuables inside! When a black man approaches the car and quietly attempts to get into it, people go crazy! They question him, even grab him and ensure that he doesn’t steal anything! Every time they immediately take action to stop the man! When they send in a blonde white woman things are completely different. The woman is even more obvious than the other actors but bystanders don’t react anywhere near the same. Some of them even help her! She’s questioned a little bit on one occasion, but never does someone try to stop her. What do you guys think of this video? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!



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Video Duration: 6:57