Is the Raptor Really Worth $65,000

The most insane offroad truck to ever roll off the showroom floor! But is it worth $65,000?

So why is it that an F150 cost so much coming in at over $65,000 it sounds insane. It’s only after you start to break down the stuff it has in it then you start to understand, and this top tear truck has it all! It has a tremendous about of towing and off-roading features the only problem with that is it only has a 6-8k LBS towing capacity when an F250 comes with a 13,000LBS capacity. The V6 twin turbo made a lot of people mad when it came out because in most people’s eyes a pickup like this should have nothing but a V8.

2017 Raptor On The Dyno! How Will It Do With The Ecoboost?!

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