Quad Turbo 2JZ Silvia… INSANE!

Finally a more in-depth look at that quad turbo 2JZ Silvia!

It has been a few years since we’ve seen that quad turbo 2JZ Silvia but it is still around. This video is a walk around of the shop of the mad scientist that made it along with a demonstration of how the car works. Not many people understand why he made it, but the reason he did is just for fun. He knows quad turbo probably isn’t the best way to make power on a 2JZ, but he doesn’t care. The really cool thing about it is how he set up the dual throttle bodies, rather than just put them both on the peddle he attached one to a lever in the car that he can manually open, so it goes from two turbos to four on command.

4,500HP @30PSI!?!? The Devel Sixteen Quad Turbo Engine Development!

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