Procharged CTSV Loses Both Taillights During Street Race!

The CTSV starts falling apart mid-race!

Heavily modded and customized CTSV gen one pulls up to the line with a hotrod in the other lane. The CTSV has a procharger and all the other supporting mods. The only thing we know about the deuce is that it has a 383 engine in it. After seeing the burnouts, you can tell the V has the upper hand! The best part about this video is at 0:48 when the CTSV loses his first taillight, but it gets even better because on the next race he loses the other one at 1:15!  The first one he lost got ran over right away by the other car. This takes showing him the taillights to a new level!

New CTSV V3 Takes On A Hellcat In The 1/2 Mile!

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