Porsche 918 VS. Nissan R34 GT-R STREET RACE!

There’s a whole lot of traffic, but these guys don’t care. It’s not like these two rare cars meet on the streets often! Those sounds though!


The Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R is arguably one of the coolest tuner cars ever produced. People love them, no matter the country, the R34 is just an awesome all around car. The Porsche 918 hasn’t been around for long, but is the dream car of many. It’s has a base price of 845 thousand dollars, a hybrid powertrain, and the ability to turn heads anywhere it goes. For these two extremely rare cars to meet on the street is nearly a miracle, and the drivers took that opportunity to have a little race!

Porsche 918 VS. Nissan R34 GT-R STREET RACE!

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