P100D Goes On The Dyno! (Crazy Power Numbers!)

Almost 1000 Ft-LBS of torque!

Tesla Model S P100D on the dyno! No gears instant torque and AWD, this could be interesting. They strap it down and start rolling, but it’s on air, so when it gets to over 30MPH it lowers its self, so they have to strap it back down. The traction control started to go crazy, so they had to give it another try. This is a Mustang dyno, so they tend to read a little low. After about eight passes trying to get it not to spin and not freak out it made crazy numbers. The final numbers were 920 FT-LBS of torque and 588HP with a dyno curve like no other!

Leroy On The Dyno! The Numbers Are Here!

Screen Shot 2017-07-30 at 12.10.22 PM

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