One Last Ride – Paul Walker Tribute Song – Wiz Khalifa!

What better way to remember the tuner car guy legend Paul Walker than a music video to recap all of his epic Fast and the Furious moments!

Paul may have just been the star in a movie series to your average person, but he meant something else to the car guys. Almost every car enthusiast knows the Fast and the Furious series, and we’ve all been watching the Fast crew since 2001. The Fast and the Furious movies will leave you thinking of your next car project, wanting to go do a burnout in the street, or even find a nice road to do some spirited driving. Without Paul Walker, the movies will never be the same, and he will be sincerely missed. Wiz Kahlifa’s “See You Again” is just another way to remember him, and we all know he’s up in Heaven walking through his garage filled with Supra’s and GT-R’s! RIP Paul!


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