Nothing Like a Good Car Meet Crash!

This is why we can’t have car meets!

This just never fails to amaze us. We constantly see people crash as they go to leave a car meet. The excitement of being able to show off just overcomes them, and they let it rip. Someone always crashes it’s like an offering to the car gods. We saw a few cars and bikes pull out in a dramatic way and a couple of them almost crashed, but that’s to be expected. Next, we see a truck go to make a U-turn, that’s when things get interesting. He want’s to do it in the most extreme way he can so he gets on the gas and tries to power through the turn blowing smoke! He can’t make the turn and ends up nailing the curb and going over it into the grass.

V10 R8 180s Itself Right Into A Pit Leaving A Car Meet!

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