Niklas Ajo Finishes MotoGP Race on Knees After Epic Save!

Although he lost his pack leading position, you won’t believe the recovery this man manages after his bike bucks him into the air!


These Moto Grand Prix drivers are no joke. This sport is one of the fastest on the planet and these guys don’t have roll cages, air bags nor harnesses. It’s just them, their bikes and the skill set they’ve been training their entire¬†lives. The last lap of these races is always action packed, and as Niklas Ajo rounded some of the last corners of this MotoGP race, the unthinkable happened! Ajo was faced with a very hard decision of whether or not to ditch the bike and avoid the wall or try to fly passed the wall at high speeds. What he did to finish this high dollar race was truly unbelievable!

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