Nice Wheelie… Too Bad you Landed on a Cop Car and you’re Going to Jail!

Well this tops the charts on the stupidity list! This guy goes from having a great day with his motorcycle buddies to being head locked by a cop in about 30 seconds! Well there’s a pretty good reason why. While a huge pack of motorcycles running from cops isn’t that rare these days, it seems as though some are starting to take it a little to far. It appears as though this group of bikers has a sense of invincibility and think it’s just a fantastic idea to anger local law enforcement. Luckily for us we get to have a first person point of view when things go wrong!

This rebel biker takes it upon himself to pop a wheelie and show this cop that he just doesn’t care! Well he wasn’t expecting the cop to brake as hard as he did. So what happens? He rams right into the back of the patrol car and a few seconds later is put in a head lock! Im sure he was proud of this moment as he was sitting in jail about an hour later! Wrecked bike, damaged patrol car, lots of charges and the list goes on!

Check out this kid accidentally street racing an undercover COP!


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Video Duration: 2:23