New Sport? Demolition Drag Racing!

Beater cars and demolition drag racing!

This is something every guy has wanted to do! Demolition Drag Racing, a sport we will most likely see all over the country soon. When Cleetus is involved in something you know it’s going to be crazy. He recently hosted an event called Cleetus and Cars, where they had a huge burnout contest that ended with a few popped tires, and even demolition drag racing. He lined up a few guys in cars that were all less than $1000 (some as low as $100) and they had an all out brawl on the drag strip!

Cleetus is hosting the next ‘Cleetus and Cars’ on November 4th, 2017 at Bradenton Motorsports Park (more details to come)!

Cleetus Mcfarland Breaks a World Record With Larry Enticer!

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