2015 STI RECORD! AMS STi – 9.681 @ 147MPH

The quickest and fastest 2015 Subaru STi record has been set! East Coast AMS Dealer Prime Motoring Subaru has built an awesomely powerful and functioning 2015 Subaru STi. With a FULL stock interior and stock 6-speed transmission, they used the AMS Subaru STi/WRX 950R Turbo Kit and Intercooler to push the car down the track and set the record of 9.681 seconds at 147.39mph in the quarter mile. The car is JR Tuned and a complete beast! Were excited to see if Prime Motoring and Junior will take this car into the 8’s! Good luck!


AMS Performance Prime Motoring 2015 Subaru STI


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