NEW Mid Engined Corvette Spotted in Public! Thoughts!?!

GM is teasing a mid-engine car and a ZR1 at the same time?!

We keep seeing all these spy shots from Chevy of what appears to be a mid-engine Corvette. Nothing is confirmed, but you can tell it has a lot more junk in the trunk. That could be for a few reasons, maybe they put a smaller engine up front and even added some batteries, or it might not be a Corvette at all. Yeah, you read that right it might be a new Cadillac. We will just have to wait and see on that. It’s weird that we see this car out and about because GM still hasn’t given us any useful information on the new ZR1 that we keep hearing all about and seeing on the streets. It would be weird if GM came out with a new Corvette C8 right after or before announcing a new flagship C7.

Corvette on Turbo Corvette Crime!

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