Why You Never Use Drag Radials In The Rain! Featuring- Rob Dahm

RX7 on drag radials spins out in the rain!

Rob Dahm is back in the Youtube news today after breaking the 1/2 mile rotary world record in his RX7! This past weekend he went 177MPH in his three rotor RX7. Rob always ends up with some bad luck when it comes to the RX7, and this is no different, he dealt with bug after bug trying to get it ready for the 1/2mile and after running it and breaking the record the worst happens. He was on his way home when he spun out because he was on a set of drag radials. No matter how slow you’re going a car on drag radials just won’t be ok in the rain. We hope the car isn’t severely damaged and Rob can have it back up and running soon. Somehow this is Parker’s fault…

New Sport? Demolition Drag Racing!

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