Who Needs A Wheelie Bar When You Have A Wheelie Pump!?


Fuel filter or wheelie pump? Doesn’t matter, this “Flying Beauty” can do one awesome wheel stand!

1320video, while attending the MO Fbody/Mustang Meet Race, came a cross a Chevelle SS with a unique talent! It’s a bumper standing wheelie machine! It’s driver, Kevin Price, is pretty much fearless, and is the most casual driver we’ve ever seen while doing such wheelies! The Chevelle stands up all the way to its rear bumper on every launch, sending sparks flying! What are those sparks coming from, 1320video asks, well it’s Price’s fuel filter. The video gets pretty comical as the camera guy calls it the wheelie pump, but maybe it is time for a wheelie bar! The 800hp N/A motor sends the Chevelle high into the air every time it goes down the strip and Kevin Price doesn’t mind one bit. What an awesome car and driver!



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