The Mustang Gets A Face Lift For 2018!

The mustang is back in the news but not for what you might think.

Ford has already decided that it’s time to update the looks for the 2018 mustang. It feels like the newest body style just came out and ford is already changing it up. They doing this stuff for a lot of reason maybe the car wasn’t selling well or it sold so well they wanted to remodeled before more get sold. Whatever fords reason is for doing this, people already hate it they say it’s ugly or whatever. We don’t want to judge it before we see it in person because sometimes it takes some time for a car to become accepted and ultimately people end up liking it. So if you don’t like it now just wait a few months and look again and maybe you will like it.

Comparison on the STREETS – 2015 Mustang GT vs 2014 Mustang GT


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