What Muscle Car Does Best In a Crash Test?

Crash testing a Mustang, a Camaro and a Challenger. What car do you trust the most?

So what muscle car is the best… No, we’re not talking about fastest or quickest or what car can turn the best. This is a test based solely on crash tests. So no matter how you feel or what brand you like the most, this test is about safety only. The Dodge unsurprisingly did the worst, but that’s to be expected because the Challenger has been out since 2008 and is almost entirely unchanged. The Camaro and the Mustang, on the other hand, are both new chassis that just came out. If we had to pick one, we would probably have to go with the Camaro. Seeing how bad a 40MPH crash is, makes you really rethink the speed you drive at. Maybe going fast shouldn’t be Dodges only concern…

Christian Von Koenigsegg Talks About What It Takes To Crash Test One Of The New Regeras!

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