Moron 18-Year-Old Wrecks GT-R While Showing Off!

 Holy cow… 18 year old WRECKS a GT-R all too show off for his friends!
Seeing a GT-R crash really sucks… especially knowing the driver behind the wheel didn’t deserve the car. At only 18 years old, this kid was trying to show off in a Nissan GT-R, a car that many would consider a dream car. AWD, twin turbo, and VERY fast, these cars can be a handful, especially to someone who’s not very experienced. This kid blew a stop sign, running right into the side of an elderly woman’s car, injuring her ribs.

This happened today 27/08/16 at Kallang Leasure park carpark. A young punk driver was driving a Nissan GTR and was showing off to his friends at the carpark when he rammed into the side of another car.

Both cars sustained heavy damaged and it’s a miracle that the driver of the other car ( a Toyota) was not injured. He would had been seriously injured of not killed had it been a side impact to the door.

i believe the driver of the other car had called the police and is in the process of reporting this statement to the traffic police.

Hope that idiot GTR driver get’s his license revoked and banned from driving for causing an accident while doing illegal racing in a carpark.

Video was not taken by me, it was circulating online.

Posted by Yohoon Koon on Saturday, August 27, 2016


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