Meet the 2016 Ford Torino GT!


The Ford Torino was popular in the late 1900’s, but we’ve all been waiting for Ford to come back with a modern version of the legendary street beast. Well, it appears as though the Torino is back, and it’s sexier than ever. With the body styling some what similar of the older models, and a modern touch slapped on top, this new Torino is a show stopper!

Not surprisingly, we’re told the new Torino GT will have the same power plant as the new Ford Mustang. A 5.0L V8 that makes 435 horsepower. People have been raving about the Coyote Ford 5.0, and it will be the perfect engine for the new Torino! We’re expecting to see these new Ford’s in late 2016!





Here’s an ol Torino with a whopping 700hp destroying some tires!

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