Luxury Car Disaster! $53 Million in Cars Destroyed in Ship Wreck!


Hope you’re not waiting on your new Jaguar, Land Rover or Mini! Sh!t just hit the fan on this ship!

After this cargo ship, designed for carrying large amounts of vehicles, began to list severely and endangering it of sinking, it was grounded. It didn’t just run aground, it was intentionally driven into shallow waters in order to save lives and the ship! Unfortunately, onboard the Höegh Osaka, was over 53 million dollars in brand new vehicles, including Minis, Jaguars and Land Rovers, as well as a Rolls Royce Wraith and some construction equipment! Recovery teams are not sure exactly how bad the damage is to the vehicle inventory but many are guessing they’re a total wash! With 1,400 cars inside at 53 degrees tilt, the ship is pretty much on its side! They’re saying it could be months before the ship is uprighted! All crew members made it out ok!



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