License Plate IMPALES Motorcycle At High Speed!


You won’t believe what happens when this license plate falls off the bike of a fellow motorcyclist! This guy is lucky!

Like a giant blade, this license plate does some pretty serious damage to a CBR motorcycle after falling off his buddies bike. They’re driving calmly down the interstate when the license plate releases and this guys life could’ve changed in a flash! Before he even knows it there is a big chuck of metal sliced into the front of his bike! Imagine if that license plate found its way underneath his helmet and hit him in the neck! No matter where it hit him it could have seriously injured him, or made him crash in that traffic! This guy is pretty lucky this license plate simply hit the front of his bike. That could’ve gone very badly. We never knew how important it was to ensure that your license plate is safely secured to the back of your vehicle!



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