Kid Gets Out of Speeding Ticket with Magic Trick!

Start memorizing some magic tricks because next time you get pulled over they may come in handy! This kid uses some luck and magic and gets off of a speeding ticket! Epic win! It’s awesome enough he got off of the ticket but the trick is completely mind boggling.


He solves a Rubik’s Cube astonishingly fast in just about 20 seconds, but what he does next is the crazy part. He mixes the cube back up and shows us how every side is scattered, then he tosses it in the air and magically the Cube is solved! Then he mixes is it up again, this time throws it behind his back, and its perfectly solved another time! We think everyone can agree that he deserves to get off of the ticket. This kid is a magician!

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Screen Shot 2014-12-10 at 10.40.57 PM

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Video Duration: 1:49