INSANE Turbo Diesel Rat Rod Burnout! PRIUS REPELLANT!


One of the most popular, well put together, and powerful rat rods in the world! Vegas Rat Rod’s 1928 Dodge sedan diesel rat rod!

This rat rod is one of a kind and 1320video captured a badass video of it! At SEMA 2014 they ran across the beast. They got an interview and a crazy video of the rat rod doing a huge burnout. The owner, Steve Darnell from the show WelderUp, gives us all the info about this awesome machine! The interview is quite comical and Kyle from 1320video even hands the camera to Steve and hops into the Dodge! Steve says the turbo diesel motor in the rat rod revs to 6,300rpms and can make up to 1,200hp/2,000tq and only weighs 3,400lbs! Now just enjoy the video, because this is easily one of the baddest rat rods you’ll ever see and the burnout to go with it will not disappoint!



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