HUGE 2 Car Crash with Turbo Firebird and ProCharged Nova!

Two 4 second passes end in a huge amount of destruction! These cars went down the drag strip extremely fast, but the braking lead to disaster…

As the video description describes, this pass was a HUGE bummer! Two skilled racers had a terrible end to a normal night of drag racing. Mike Brown, the driver of the Turbo Firebird lost control at the end of the drag strip and both cars ended up in the wall. Heath Littrell, in his ProCharged Hemi, was nearly struck by the fire engulfed Firebird, and ended up in the wall as well. As you can see the Firebird’s impact was very strong and Heath did take a few injuries, but both drivers are going to be ok. Goes to show how important safety equipment is!

Screen Shot 2015-04-02 at 1.20.07 PM

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