The Hoonicorn Is Back With A Set Of Twin Turbos Coming Out Of The Hood!

AWD and now 1400HP+ the Hoonicorn V2 looks scary to drive!

The building is awesome with so much cool stuff in it, you can tell these guys just goof off all day and have a good time. More importantly the Hoonicorn V2 is out and it has a set of turbos coming out of the hood now! Ken Block is gonna do some crazy things with this car with it making well over 1400+HP! It’s gonna be sweet to see what he does with it now, don’t forget it has an AWD system! We need to see more of this car. The way he talks about it makes it sound like a real animal with some huge potential! He should just let Hert take it for a drive!

Z28 Goes Full Hoonigan Coming Around A Turn!


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