Hilarious Scooter Driver Ruins Motorcyclist’s Game with Babe!

Do you have that one friend who’s always there at the wrong time and ruins your chances with a desirable person? Here we have a tragic story of a motorcyclist who just wanted to talk to a fellow rider who appears to be a very attractive woman when a delirious scooter rider ruins everything. Apparently our heart broken motorcyclist had ran into this attractive woman a while back and had just now seen her again. He follows her for a little while so he can talk to her again and thats when the rooster appeared. Coming between them with the most hilarious look on his face this scooter dude pulls off one of the funniest “rooster¬†blocks” (you know what we mean) of all time and it’s perfectly recorded.

We feel bad for the motorcycle guy but can’t help but laugh at the scooter driver’s perfectly timed awkwardness. Mopeds FTW!

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Screen Shot 2014-12-16 at 7.00.31 PM

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