Guy Sets 7 Rules Needed To Own or Drive A Hellcat!


Based on the recent performance of new Dodge Hellcat owners, this was bound to happen. These Hellcat owners really needed some rules to abide by.


This extremely frustrater Hellcat owner has made the most epic video including 7 rules he finds necessary for someone to own/drive a Hellcat. The reason he’s frustrated, is many Hellcat owners have been ripped apart all over the internet for their poor driving skills. Whether that’s losing to a Tesla, crashing moments after leaving a dealership, or just sleeping at the light, he thinks the new Hellcat owners are in desperate need of some driving rules. Rule 1: Always use the red key! He says this because he’s tired of people losing races when they have the black key that doesn’t let the car use its full power! The rest you’ll have to watch and see, and we assure you, you’ll be laughing!

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Video Duration: 7:53