GTR Trying Its Best To Do a Burnout!

Watching a GTR try to do a burnout.

This is an excellent way to destroy a GTRs AWD trans… The GTR comes with a strong yet very fragile AWD system that uses a very smart dual clutch. This GTR is bumped up to almost 700WHP, so it’s right at the limit of its trans. They are very daily friendly she drove it 6 hours to visit the Hoonigans and has to drive it home. Some drag GTRs use a RWD bias setup for doing burnouts and getting the tires warm. This GTR doesn’t have all that fancy stuff and just hooks even in a puddle of water. They have to strap it up to a truck in order to get it to spin.

Ever seen a Car do a FWD Burnout, then back up and do a RWD Burnout?

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