Grudge Race Ends With HUGE Crash and Fire!


This just goes to show how important safety gear is! This crash happened so fast, and no one saw it coming!

Last night, at the Yellow Belly Drag Strip, this accident took place and nearly cost this driver his life. With very low light, and hundreds of people crowding around the start line of the track, this already seems like a very dangerous race. Both cars launched hard and are getting a little loose as they search for traction. Suddenly, the left car (what looks to be a Malibu) takes a hard turn, and that’s where everything went wrong. It slams into the guardrail and instantly rolls over onto its top. As it slides to a stop, the car begins to erupt in flames. A friend of ours “Student Driver” released via his Facebook page ( that the driver in the accident “was buckled in good and had his helmet on and got out of the car before the fire started.” This was a scary accident for us all, and a reminder to always use proper safety gear when racing.






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