Great Race Between A Focus RS And GT350!

GT350 takes on a little Focus RS with some surprising results!

GT350 plays with its little brother the Focus RS! We all know that the 350 is an awesome car and a real beast but the RS is still so new and unproven anything could happen. The RS just has a tune and runs an insane time of 12.8 with a best of 12.7, that’s crazy for a stock 4 cylinder turbo car! That Big V8 must have been sweating being so close to the little 4 banger, it really was close with the GT350 running a 12.6 only .2s faster! From what we have seen the RS is gonna be a real contender in the coming years and is just an all around fun car!

Bolt On Camaro SS Takes On A New Focus RS In A Dig/Roll Race!


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