Going From 6th-2nd At Almost 100MPH Is NEVER A Good Idea!

6th gear at 150Kmh to 2nd ends in disaster just like you would expect! 

Cruising at 150Km/h (93MPH) in 6th gear and drops it down into 2nd for science… Well the car didn’t like that one bit and instantly exploded all over the ground, every light comes on and I think the camera even breaks. But he was driving a Renault so he probably was just sick of it or knew that it was gonna break anyway so decided to speed up the process. “If you tailgate me I will make my engine explode and hit your car!”

Guy Tries To Get His Girlfriend Involved In His Drifting And Ends Up Almost Running Her Down! screen-shot-2016-10-14-at-5-37-54-pm

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