Go-Kart Roll Races 1000+HP Cars!

230Hp Go-Kart Takes On Two 1000+HP cars in an epic roll race!

That’s an insane go-kart 230Hp on something that size. He gets in a few roll races with a some high horsepower cars. Both cars are over 1000HP and it puts them both behind it. The kart is a CBR1000 engine putting down 230 hp with a 0-60 of 2.4 seconds so it can hang! That Porsche is 1300Hp and the Audi S4 is 1088Hp so you gotta be brave to roll race these two. He was the underdog but showed up and put some high horsepower cars down!

6 Cylinder Turbo Go Kart! STEROID GO KART!


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