Gidi Brings The R35 GTR Record Back To The US With A 7.14 Pass At 212!

The GTR World record has been changing hands like crazy lately and Gidi is the most recent to take it at [email protected]!

This is not the first time Gidi has broken a record and we’re sure it’s not his last! The world record for an R35 GTR has been going back and forth between T1, ETS, AMS and EKANOO racing! Ekanoo had it most recently at 7.18 and only set that number a day before Gidi ran 7.14 so this record is ever changing! The AMS powerhouse Gidi drives/owns is a 3000hp R35 GTR running 60+psi that’s fully gutted and on four slicks… they call it Alpha G! Only Gidi could pull up after a world record pass and say it felt slow…

EKanoo’s Record Breaking Pass Earlier This Week!


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